About us

Our work is inspired by our genuine love and care for our cats and dogs at home and in our community. These animals are very helpful in terms of providing us security, joy, and laughter. Every pet lover would consider these adorable balls of fur as their best friends. It’s true — they are!

The story behind YepiPet

It all starts with my pet dog, Juno, and my squishy cat, Lucky: they are my stress relievers. As their owner, I want to make sure that I show them my affection by providing them with the best possible care for pets. Taking them to the vet only when they’re injured or sick isn’t enough. I want to engage them in activities and make memories together. This is how the idea for YepiPet was born.

Our core mission at YepiPet

Our wish and desire as loving pet owners are manifested in the app we created. YepiPet is the ultimate smart pet parenting app for your furry friends! Pet owners and pet care professionals will have the opportunity to work together on the best way to love and care for these animals. Keeping their vaccination updated, completing pet chores, and finding information about your pets has never been this convenient!

YepiPet is a complete, single point pet care app, designed to help pet owners take the best possible care of their pets, all while keeping important records, and exchanging information with pet professionals.

Our values


Trust is essential for building relationships – between pets and their owners but also between tech companies and their clients.


We value your privacy. This is why YepiPet takes strong mesures to ensure the safety of your personal data.


We'd like to deliver the best available pet care app experience. This is why we never compromise on quality.


This is what drives us: the love for animals and our passion for improving they way people and pets live together.

Meet the team behind YepiPet

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