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Manage your pet pantry and shop products at best price

Finding it hard to figure out when’s the best time to restock your pet pantry? It does require a lot of effort including constant monitoring of fluctuating prices across online stores and knowing how these prices changed in the past.

Now, who has the time to do all that?

… We do!

With YepiPet’s all-new Price Watch feature, you never have to worry about missing your favorite pet products at their best price again!

How does it work?

Easily create an inventory of products in our pet pantry with just a few clicks. With a huge product database, you won’t even have to type them in by yourself – just perform a quick search and add them with one single tap.

Don’t worry about running out of stocks and forgetting where you placed them. YepiPet’s got it for you!

  • Easily search for products and add them to your pantry
  • Possibility to track quantity, location, expiration date of your products
  • Large product data base

What shops are supported?

YepiPet Price Watch currently compares and monitors prices from Amazon, Petsmart and Costco

What if I find a different price

As promotions can change very quickly, it is possible that YepiPet does not always show the newest price. If you experience this, write us an email with a screenshot: This helps us making our service better and better.

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Shop by category

Looking for new products? Get inspired by browsing through various categories, instantly know when a product's on sale and simply tap to visit the vendor's website.

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Promotion Trends

See the history of price changes of your favorite pet products when available. This gives you the knowledge of when's the next sale sale so you could buy them in singles or in bulk!

Price Alert

Set up a price watch for specific items from different online pet stores. We will instantly send you a reminder when these products are on sale so you could buy them straight away!

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Keep track if the products in your pantry.

Full inventory of your pet products. Browse through our items database or create custom products. From now on, you'll always know exactly what and how many products you have on stock.