5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Cat and Dog


Ready to give your beloved pets a special treating on Valentine’s Day? — We got IDEAS for you!

We love to surprise our human partner with loving affection on Valentine’s day. How about a little surprise for our pet family? Our faithful companions deserve our fullest attention every day. Valentine is a great occasion to delight our furry friends a little bit more. Afterall, we love our pet wholeheartedly.  

Here’s our favorite Valentine’s Day gift selection for you cats and dogs


1. Adorable Dog Sweater

Remember it’s cold in February – this sweater is not only super cute it will also keep your valentine heart warm and cozy.

2. Heart-shaped Chewing Toy

Woof! Now that is some love to chew on! This heart-shaped toy is a great way to pleasure your dog.

3. Valentine Treats

Let them know they’re a good doggy – deeeelicious treats for any occasion – not just valentine’s day!

4. Love Collar

Express your love! With this unique collar, you and your dog will know that you belong together.

5. Dog Gift Box

Let your dog to be nice and shiny for valentine’s day. This box contains all you need for a perfectly groomed lady or gentleman…


1. The Most Special Cat Toy

Do you want to express your love to your kitty while exercise? Then this teaser toy is perfect for you! Let Cupid shoot his arrow at your Kitty.

2. True Chews

Every cat loves a good chew, so treat them with love and some serious snacks

3. Hearth Shaped Scratch Pad

There is no better way for your cats to show their love than by an extensive scratching. This is the purrfect gift for a happy scratch!

4. Self Warming Pad

Cats LOVE warm beds… So show them your love by keeping your furry friend warm and cozy. Your kitties will adore this self warming pad that requires no electricity.

5. Bowtie Collar

Let your kitty have her bowtie moment on valentine’s day… or any other day!

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Yepi Valentine to you and your fur friends!


YepiPet Team