Adventures in Doggie Dreamland: What My Canine's Snoozes Look Like


Ever peeked at your pooch deep in slumber, their paws running in place, tails wagging, and funny little yips escaping them? Your pup is knee-deep in dreamland—but about what, you ask? Their dream diary would be quite the page-turner!

Like you and me, dogs have speedy REM cycles where vivid dreams occur. And research says dogs dream about typical doggie delights—epic games of fetch, leisurely neighborhood strolls, squirrel chases...all those "ruff" and tumble activities that make a dog's day.

We can picture pups dreaming big, in full zoomie mode, playing at the dog park with their best fur pals. Some may hear "who's a good boy" in their sleep after nailing that new trick during doggy dream training. There's no limit to doggie dreams!

Yet bad dreams plague canines too. Puppies especially, and rescued dogs seeking TLC, whimper from nightmares we wish we could soothe. But those sad yips signal dog slumber time is real and ripe for adventures.

So next time you catch your snoozing canine kicking in their sleep—no need to wake them! Let your dog remain curled up, lost in their zany dreamworld. Just make sure to reward them with extra playtime and treats when it's wakey wakey time! Who knows what fun your dog will feel thankful for or want to try after their nightly reveries!