National Train Your Pet Month


Train Your Pet Month: Tips for Training Success

It's national train your pet month! Whether you have a playful puppy or a curious kitten, now is the perfect time to start an easy training regimen with your furry friend. Training not only reinforces good behavior, but also strengthens the bond between pet parent and animal. Read on for some helpful training tips - with a tech twist thanks to a nifty device called yepitag.

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YepiPet Basics

YepiPet provides useful technology for pet parents during train your pet month. With YepiPet’s Routine Care Feature you can easily track every care task you perform on your pet, making pet care easier than ever.

Reward-Based Training

The most effective and ethical training methods are reward-based, using treats, toys, and lots of praise to motivate pets. This positive reinforcement approach works much better than punishment to shape behaviors over time. Yepitag allows you to remotely send audio cues like a whistle sound or a click to mark desired actions precisely, then follow up with a tangible reward.

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Potty Training Pointers

For dogs and cats alike, nailing potty training sets the foundation for good household manners. Come running with praise and a treat to connect the cue with the desired event. Accidents can also be avoided by monitoring activity levels and heading them off before they happen.

Stopping Counter Surfing

Cats and dogs alike can get tempted to steal human food from counters and tables. Use a verbal cue like "off" when you catch them in the act, reinforced by the whistle cue from the yepitag. The location tracking can also help identify patterns around this naughty behavior based on location and timing.