(Full Sharing Update): Share your pet profile with your friends & family!


Hello Friends,

Today, YepiPet is happy to announce, that our newest exciting feature is now fully available and functional: it is now possible to share your pet’s information with your friends, family and other caretakers.

You can now share your pet’s health information, vaccination, and medical records in YepiPet. This is not only a great feature to share your pet’s information with every member of your family, but it can also be useful to easily share relevant data with a vet, pet sitter or groomer.

To share a pet, it’s really easy:

  1. Go to your YepiPet
  2. Add new Contacts with an e-mail
  3. Click the ‘Share’ icon next to your contact. Your contact will receive an invitation email with easy-to-follow steps.

                 Create a contact with an email   Click the ‘Sharing’ icon to share your pet profile

After logging into YepiPet, your contact will see a new pet card on their dashboard. By tapping “yes” in  the “Accept Invitation” field, the pet is automatically added to the user’s dashboard.

For easy orientation, the orange bar above the pet card helps identify shared pets and their owners.

Every shared pet profile has a  button called “Timeline”. In this section, every activity performed by your collaborator is being listed – this way, it’s really easy for owners to keep track of all the activities related to your shared pet profile.  

As always, we thank you for all your love and support. We want to hear your thoughts about our new features and experience using YepiPet. Please reach out to us at contact@yepipet.com.  


Your YepiPet Team!