Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month: Top Tips for Outsmarting Icky Ticks and Lyme Woes


Keep Ticks off Your Pup: Preventing Lyme Disease in Dogs

As temperatures warm, tiny ticks emerge which can transmit harmful bacteria that causes Lyme disease - something no pet parent wants their pooch to endure. Thankfully with some simple precautions, you can dodge Lyme and keep your dog safe. Follow these 5 key tick-fighting tips:

  1. Ask your vet about Lyme vaccinations to protect your dog from the nasty disease at its root if they test positive for exposure.
  2. Check daily head-to-tail to spot and remove ticks promptly before transmission occurs, especially after outdoor playtime in tick hot zones like grassy areas and woods.
  3. Consider preventatives like chewables and monthly spot-ons that rapidly kill and repel ticks your dog picks up on adventures. Ask your vet for pet-safe recommendations.
  4. Limit access to tick habitat by keeping your lawn mowed short and creating a 3-foot barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas.
  5. Shower and launder after outdoor fun since ticks cling to people too! Finding a tick quickly prevents later Lyme woes.

The tiny tick can have an enormous impact on your dog's health if Lyme transmission occurs. But with preventative action, awareness, and prompt tick removal, your pup can stay safe this season. Speak with your veterinarian to craft a prevention plan tailored for your pet and region. Stopping Lyme starts with tick prevention!