Seven of the Strangest Displays of Love Among Animals of Different Species


Love comes in all shapes, sizes and in some cases even different species. Get to know these seven odd duos that will make you realize just how strange love works sometimes.  

  1. This is Boo the Rottweiler and his adorable baby brother Miles. This was the day that Boo was introduced to Miles and the moment Miles arrived home, he knew that his best friend was finally born. In the end you can see how protective Boo is of Miles, you see how he doesn’t want his baby disturbed. It’s the side eye for me because it’s his baby now.

     2. What else could be stranger than this duo? This turtle and crocodile just hanging           out looking cool in the swamp together. Perhaps the turtle is just hitching a ride           on his friend’s back or perhaps the crocodile is giving his friend a ride to use the          carpool lane, either way they definitely look cool together.

      3. Who knew a Magpie could snatch the heart of a pug and make her fall in love? Meet           Taco the Magpie and Lola the Pug. These two friends are inseparable and           absolutely look cute together. In this video, they were caught cuddling and gazing at           each other’s eyes and then Taco was like, “can we get some privacy here?“.

      4. Meet Nugget the raccoon and Toby the dog. This is as odd as it gets, they spend           most of the time lounging together out on the porch and Nugget even loves to           pet Toby sometimes, but are they really friends or is Toby being held hostage? Blink           twice Toby if you need some help. Luckily, the owner says Toby knows he can        just           leave because sometimes Nugget just don’t get it, but Toby chooses to stay instead          because he looks like he just loves having Nugget’s company.

      5. Meet the bodacious panther named Luna and her caretaker, Venza the Rottweiler.            Luna was abandoned by her mother who refused to feed her seven days after           birth. After being taken in by her human at eight days old she was introduced to           Venza who took on the role of Luna’s nanny and has been taking care of her ever           since.

      6. Meet Maple the Golden Retriever, and he likes pigs. He lives in the Pearly Acre and           takes care of rescued pigs who now live in this sanctuary. Maple specifically           loves cleaning their little pig ears and makes them feel comfortable around him.

      7. They say teamwork makes the dream work and that is in fact the truth in the case of           Mike and Chester. Mike is the big bulldog who likes being treated like a baby          while Chester is the Dachshund who is happy to be just a vacuum, cleaning after          Mike. Nevertheless, both gets fed and happy. Strange how dogs can make          compromise look so much easier.