The Adorable World of Guinea Pigs and Why We Love Them


Guinea pigs are loved all over the world because of their unproblematic and docile nature. For Guinea Pig Appreciation Day we list all the reasons why guinea pigs are great companions and why the whole world just can’t get enough of them. So, if you’re looking for reasons why you should get a guinea pig then here are the answers.


Guinea pigs are undeniably unfathomably cute, their appearance definitely is one of the main reasons why the whole world loves them because who can say no to these adorable sweet little babies? You’d have to be blind not to be swayed by their cute little faces and their chubbiness which makes them look like a big ball of fur you can squeeze with your hands.

Adding to the reasons why they are adorable are the cute noises they make whenever they try to communicate. Most of the time guinea pigs are quiet but if you interact with them long enough and they become comfortable with you, they either purr when snuggled or whistle during feeding time which is a high pitched squeal. If they are happy with their environment, guinea pigs popcorn or jump rapidly up and down all around their cages.


Guinea pigs are not pigs when it comes to hygiene. Guinea pigs groom themselves and if you keep their environment clean you will have no problem with the smell because guinea pigs don’t smell at all. In fact you don’t give guinea pigs baths unless very necessary because this is harmful for them and can cause their fur to loose healthy oils and lead to dry skin. However, brushing their fur with soft bristled brushes can help with a little grooming only to keep their fur look neat, guinea pigs also like to be handled from time to time so brushing will help you bond.

Easy to Care For

Guinea pigs are one of the easiest pets to care for, simply keep them in a habitat big enough for them to run around and keep their environment clean and you have no problem with smells or unhealthy pets. Guinea pigs are also vegans so there is no need to cook for them, simply chop up some vegetables and you are all set! However, guinea pigs need vitamin c supplements because their bodies cannot produce vitamin c so add pellets complete with supplements to their diets. Keep guinea pigs fed and clean and you have yourself the most adorable, worry-free pet companion.


Guinea pigs are intelligent creatures, if you take the time to teach them they can easily learn tricks. They are also most responsive and can learn their names easily if you use their names to call them during feeding or play times.

Snuggle Buddies

Guinea pigs love to cuddle, however since by nature they are prey, they try to run away when you try to pick them up, catch them and hold them with your hands carefully and prevent them from squirming. Then, place them on your chest and they will eventually fall asleep. This is essential for their health: guinea pigs need to be handled at least an hour a day because they get lonely when they don’t socialize. Also, being very social animals, you should consider keeping them in groups of two or more.

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