Top 5 Common Household Items that We Didn't Know are Poisonous to Pets


March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month and if you’re a pet owner, you know that pets are notorious for chewing on whatever they can find.

To avoid that dreaded chase, YepiPet has prepared a list of common household items that are poisonous for your cats and dogs to help you take caution. So keep the following things away from them and store them safely in order to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Essential Oils and Air Fresheners

Eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and many other essential oil fragrances and air fresheners are toxic to your pets. Diffusers are common household items but even if they make your rooms smell good, these items are unsafe for your fur babies. Diffusers use water vapor to diffuse oil droplets in the air, these oils are highly concentrated plant substances and can have significant health effects to your pets even if merely inhaled.

Cats and dogs are more sensitive to scents compared to humans and sometimes these fragrances can cause certain parts of their brain or organs to malfunction. In picking essential oils or air fresheners, choose pet friendly fragrances that are vet approved.


Common household plants, whether fruit bearing or not like lilies and tulips can be poisonous for your pets. It is best to keep your fur babies away from your garden or decorative pots because even if they don’t look edible you know they will try and ‘chomp’. Check out the list of toxic and non-toxic plants on ASPCA’s website.

Chocolates, Grapes, Raisins and Caffeine

We all know chocolates are bad for your fur babies but did you know that grapes, raisins and caffeine is poisonous as well? Caffeine can be found on several types of food other than coffee, it can be found in soda, cereal as well as other coffee flavored items. If your pet consumes any of these food items, treatment will depend on the amount consumed in proportion to your pet’s weight and size.

Cleaning Supplies

These are obviously not to be ingested so YepiPet is here to remind you to keep them away from their reach because pets will try chomping on whatever they can find! If your pets accidentally lick detergent on their fur, wash it off from their tongues with lots of water and call the vet immediately.


Pets can get poisoned from marijuana by ingesting edibles or brownies and even by inhaling second hand marijuana smoke. In case of poisoning, waste no time and visit the vet immediately!

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