What to do with your Cat on Holiday


Are you planning to go on a holiday? Whether you plan to bring or leave your cat, we got your back, read on for tips and tricks on what to do with your cat on holidays.


This is the least popular option because cats generally don’t like to travel, but if you have set your heart on bringing your cat with you to your dream vacation then here is a checklist you will need to consider.

·     Melatonin – These are natural hormones. It’s used to treat some problems with cats but most commonly as a sleeping aid. Cats generally don’t like rides so giving your furbaby some melatonin will help them through the journey.


·     Food and Water – It is most important that you pack ahead for the trip. Make sure you bring your cat’s favorite food and prepare a steady supply of fresh bottled water for the trip. A non-spill water bowl is highly recommended to use for the journey to make sure that your cat has ready access to food and water. Treats are also very welcome, you should be prepared for anything you can do to ease the discomfort your cat will be going through during the journey.


·     Litter box – Make sure the litter box is separated from your cat’s bedding to keep them clean and dry throughout the trip. If your cat is travelling in a pet carrier then keep the litter box in a different carrier which your cat must enter every few hours to relieve themselves.


·     Toys – It is comforting for cats if you bring with you familiar things from home like toys or their scratch post so that they can easily adjust to the place where you are bringing them to.


·     Cat friendly destinations – In planning your holiday, take into account your cat’s well-being. When looking for a resort or Airbnb you need to make sure that they are all cat-friendly, no other pets are in the household and that they allow cats to be placed inside their hotel. Get to know the regulations regarding pets for that specific hotel and choose those that are more accommodating to your pet.


If you are planning to leave your cat to a friend or a caregiver, make sure that you leave all the necessary information about your cat which they need to know, this includes their daily routines as well as allergies and reactions to certain foods and medications. The YepiPet app is a pet care assistant that will help you with this. With YepiPet, all the information about your pet is stored in one place and with one simple tap, a comprehensive report is automatically generated based on the tracked pet information – allowing easy sharing of all your pet’s care information which includes detailed medical records as well as their scheduled routine care through a shareable link. YepiPet is available for download on iOS and Android.