Which Bird Suits You Best?


Birds are popular pets, in fact studies show that more than 5 million households in the US have birds as pets. They come in different colors and with different personalities requiring different levels of care and attention. So if you want to bring a bird into your life here is a short guide to what kind of bird would suit you best.


Parakeet is a term used to describe birds that look like mini versions of parrots. The most popular parakeet are budgerigars or budgies but there are over 115 species of birds which are also considered parakeets.

Parakeets are most popular as pets when it comes to birds because they are small and because of that they are easier to take care of. Since parakeets are small, they don’t produce as much dirt as bigger birds and are highly transportable. They also consume less and can fit in a smaller cage. Parakeets are also very smart and could be taught several tricks. They are also colorful and are very pleasing to look at.

Parakeets are very playful and active thus they like being able to move frequently inside their cages thus it is highly recommended that you prepare a cage which is at least 1.5 feet wide and 1.3 feet tall and in buying cages always remember that width is better than height. One downside to owning a parakeet is the fact that they are usually noisy and likes to chirp so if that’s not the life you want then a parakeet might not be for you.


Adding to the list of small but fun loving birds are cockatiels. Cockatiels like parakeets are small and bright colored but cockatiels can mimic sounds easily compared to parakeets. Cockatiels can sing a tune you teach them and even imitate sounds coming from common household items like the beeping of a microwave. However, cockatiels need more attention as they get lonely very easily and require handling at least an hour daily. They also like to perch outside of their cages to socialize from time to time.


Lovebirds have gained popularity as well because of their colorful feathers and their unique nature to bond with you for life just as much as they connect with their chosen mate. However, unlike parakeets and cockatiels, lovebirds are not so easily tamed and they will leave as soon as you forget to close the cage. This is why it is advisable to buy lovebirds when they are younger in that way, they can get to know their humans better, adult lovebirds are difficult to tame and will find it hard to imprint on their owners. It is also required to maintain socialization with a lovebird or they will not remain tame. You also need to keep lovebirds by pair because lovebirds can die of loneliness when parted with their chosen mate. Lovebirds cannot imitate noises that’s why they are more affordable than parakeets and cockatiels but they can be trained to do other things as well. Lovebirds like bathing so don’t forget to prepare a bathing bowl for them.


Canaries are also very popular as pets. Unlike most of the birds previously listed, canaries prefer being left alone, in fact they sing when they are content inside their cage alone. This bird prefers the quiet. Canaries are the birds for hands off pet owners as they are very easy to clean after and don’t usually like being handled so socialization should be kept at a minimum. Since canaries are very shy and timid birds they don’t survive long in a household with a lot of children as they are fragile and easily frightened.


Zebra Finches

Zebra finches are the most popular type of finch species that are kept as pets. Like canaries these birds also prefer being left in peace in their cages but often come in groups or in pairs. Unlike canaries, zebra finches are active and prefer being in a cage with company. These birds are also perfect for hands-off pet owners but they are less fragile and shy compared to canaries.

Finding the right cage

All these birds are small in stature but still require to be housed in a relatively big cage. The rule of thumb in purchasing bird cages is to buy one with a width that is at the very least, twice the size of your bird’s wingspan, but you must also have at least two birds in mind. The larger the cage, the better so choose the biggest rectangular one that will fit the space you allocated for your birds in your house. The usual circular bird cage is harmful for your bird since it restricts their space. Birds also like to take baths so hang a bird bath inside their cages and lastly, place their cage in a warm and comfortable location.

For your bird’s diet, it should be a mixture of grains and pellets adapted to the specific bird breed. Most birds love fresh fruits and vegetables these are important additions to their diet in order to keep them healthy. Never forget to provide fresh and adequate water throughout the day and remember to clean the water bowl daily. Their feeding and drinking bowls should be placed above or at the same level of their perch as birds drop feces and it would be unsanitary to place these bowls beneath them.

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