How to activate and use YepiTag


Here’s a guide how to activate and Use YepiTag

YepiTag is our brand new and easy to use QR Code based smart PetTag. With YepiTag, you’ll have the advantage of a regular pet tag, being it’s easy use and robust design together with tracking functionality and the possibility to set different privacy options.

In this post, we’ll show you, how to set up and use your brand new YepiTag

Step-by-Step guide:

How to Activate YepiTag?

After you purchased your personal YepiTag, you need to activate it and tie it so your pet’s profile to take advantage of it’s great features. But don’t worry: it’s really easy!

Add Your Pet to YepiPet

Download the FREE YepiPet app, register an account, and add your pet to YepiPet.

Download the YepiPet app

Activate YepiTag

After adding your pet, click on the ‘Pet Tag’ tab and click the ‘Add Tag’ icon to activate your YepiTag. You can either scan the QR code on the back of the tag. Or enter the tag number and activation code to activate your YepiTag.

Your pet is protected!

After successfully activating and bounding the QR code to your pet, your pet is better protected. Anyone who finds your pet can simply scan the tag to contact you.

How does YepiTag work?

Users Guide/FAQ:

What should I do when my pet is lost?

When your pet is lost, tap on the “pet loss” icon in your pet’s YepiTag section. This will mark your pet as lost and allow finders to contact you.

What happens if my pet is discovered?

When someone finds your pet and scans the QR code, the pet profile that will appear will issue a clear warning that this pet is wanted and also provide further instructions. Finders will have the possibility to share their name, phone number and current GPS position (if the supported by the phone).

How to share your Pet’s information

Hopefully, your will never need the “pet lost” feature! But when your pet is safe and sound, YepiTag can make raising your pet a lot easier: in fact, the smart pet tag also allows pet owners to easily share all kinds of information about their pet. Whether it is weight and growth details, vaccination status, favorite foods or even the last time you took a walk. Based on the information you save in YepiPet, the app automatically generates a fully customizable health report that can be easily shared through YepiTag. From now on, friends, family, groomers or veterinarians will have all the info they need to know about your pet at the palm of their hands.

How to setup privacy

With YepiTag, you have full control of the information you share. In fact the privacy settings allow you to decide, what kind of information you’d like to be published. Tap on “profile settings” and adjust the sharing options to your needs.