Yepitag: Your Reliable Tool for Pet Reunions on National Lost Dog Awareness Day


It's National Lost Dog Awareness Day approaches, it's essential to consider practical solutions for keeping our furry friends safe. Yepitag, a QR-code-based pet tag and management app, offers a straightforward yet effective way to ensure swift reunions in case your pet goes missing.

Yepitag works by allowing anyone who finds a lost pet to scan the QR code on the tag with their smartphone. This action provides instant access to vital information about the pet and its owner, facilitating a quick reunion process.

One of the key advantages of Yepitag is its customizable privacy settings. Pet owners can choose what information to include on their pet's profile, ensuring both privacy and safety while still aiding in a speedy recovery.

This National Lost Dog Awareness Day, consider equipping your pet with a Yepitag. It's a practical tool that can make all the difference in ensuring a happy reunion if your furry friend ever goes astray.