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Share your pet's medical and care records with your vet, your family and other care givers...

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Leaving your pet, knowing it's being taken good care of...

Did you ever have to give your pet to a friend or a caregiver, for your vacation or business trip? Or have you ever changed your vet or groomer? Then you know how hard it is to have all your pet’s information and documentation ready. Especially if you’ve got more than one pet, it’s like mission impossible!

What if you could have a full record for your pet, including preferred food brands, allergies, vaccination status, last vet or groomer visit at hand without any additional effort or cost?

How does it work?

One great Feature of YepiPet is the possibility to create a complete, and knowledgeable “Health and Care Report”. With just one click, all routine care information such as your pet’s weight, food or care events will be compiled and YepiPet will generate an automatic report that you’ll be able to share, print – whatever suits you.

  • Basic Pet Information (Name, Age, Weight, Insurance ...)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Allergies and Medical Condition
  • Care Tasks, food and products

Can I share my care summary?

Every care has a unique link you can easily share with your friends, family or care takers

How do I share my care summary?

On your pets dashboard, tap on care summary, activate "care summary" and then either choose "Open in Browser" or "Share" to directly share with your phone contacts.

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Share your care summary

The YepiPet care summary can easily be shared with family, friends, caretakers. This way, you'll never have to make a documentation about your pets health condition, habits, medication.

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No app needed

All the information about your pet is ready wherever you need it: it can be viewed in every mobile, tablet or computer browser.

One tap

YepiPet Care summary is activated and deactivated by one single, simple tap in you pet profile

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Tracked Care events and observations

Care summary will display an overview of you latest tracked care events so you'll never miss when a particular care has been performed to your pet. This is particularly useful for care takers such as friends, family, boarders or pet sitters.