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The key to healthy, happy pets.

Taking control of you pet’s information and medical records is a responsibility that all pet parents have. Medical records can come in very handy during emergency situations or even during simple vacations. Be actively involved in your pet’s health, this way you can be sure that they are happy and healthy.

YepiPet allows you to record your pet’s allergy, medical condition, or active medication. With YepiPet, you can now keep track of your pet’s medical testings and avoid unnecessary expenses, as well as easily create medication schedules to ensure treatment plans are fully executed.

How does if work?

YepiPet's has a large database of allergies, diseases and medication. If you want to keep track of your pet's condition, just type in the first few words and select the corresponding keyword from the drop down list. If you can't find the right one, simply create a custom entry.

From now on, you'll always know what diseases, allergies or medication your pet currently has, or experienced in the past.

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Track your pet's medical condition

Always up to date: your pet's own medical record.

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In case your pet needs to take medication, or you have even more than one pet to attend, YepiPet will help you keep track of the right medication and dosage .

Medical Condition

Track your pets current or past medical condition – great if you'll ever need to see a vet.

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Track your pets allergies. This is particular useful for letting caregivers know what your pet ca eat or be washed with and what not...