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Know your pets to keep them happy and healthy

Cats, dogs and other pets are sensitive creatures and there’s a lot of external or internal factors that can affect their happiness and well being… What’s your cats favorite snack? When does your rabbit get scared? Does a particular brand make your dog sick? In every pet’s life there are events that are worth keeping a record of.

YepiPet makes keeping an observation journal really easy: create a record by a single tap with the option to add descriptions and photos, save, and have the information ready whenever you need it.  

How does it work?

Be involved in your pet's health

It is important to keep a record of interesting, unexpected, or even dangerous situations your pets run into. YepiPet can help you track and manage your pet’s health information by writing down observations regarding favorite foods, allergies, and even reactions to medication coupled with photos to completely document the observation.

  • Observations are arranged by date and time of recording
  • Take notes through YepiPet and avoid problems by never forgetting a single detail about your pet
  • Observations can easily be shared via YepiPet Health Report

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Record observations

Write down notes about your pet's favorite foods and even reactions to medications. Photos can also be added to completely document the observation.

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Easy overview

Find all your noted observations regarding your pet all in one place arranged by date and time of recording. This enables easy access and a quick view of all the observations recorded.

Relate to used products

Observations can be attributed to certain products. Simply add the products your pet uses to the pantry and when you record observations click on the product category.

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Share via health report

With a single tap, all information recorded in the YepiPet app is grouped in a comprehensive easy-to-use report that is shareable through a link.