Weight Monitoring

Your pets' weight is a crucial indicator of their health – track it easily with YepiPet.

Weight tracking
Body shape
Growth chart

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Keep track of your pet's weight and body type

Weight is the most important indicator for keeping track of your pet’s growth. YepiPet app lets you keep track of your pet’s weight record as your pet grows. The weight information is also used for plotting growth trends.

How does it work?

Weigh your pet and track the weight on a regular base. This way you can easily see if there is any change in weight.

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Growth chart

YepiPet compares the data placed and summarizes it to a chart to help you understand your pet's growth. See how much your pet has grown over time.

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Weight tracking

Yepipet allows you to record your pet's weight in order to keep track of their health.

Body shape

YepiPet will also provide useful information when you record your pet’s weight information, such as average weight range, recommended ideal weight, and estimated body %.

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Health feedback

Depending on the growth trend of your pet, YepiPet gives you feedback on their health and compare it according to your pet's age, species and breed.